Julien Simshäuser
Visual Experiences – Design & Art Direction
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Motion Design Reel 2013
Motion Design, Direction
Roman Flügel & Simian Mobile Disco
Official Music Video
COS Magazine Collaboration
3D Illustration
Burberry Travel Tailoring
Digital Creative
KENZO & Hogan
Campaign Images & Film
Collection Of Styleframes
NEW TENDENCY × Julien Simshäuser
Motion Design
The Docking Station
Motion Design, Interactive Installation
Birth Installation
Motion Design, Interactive Installation
Scheltens & Abbenes Catalogue
3D Renderings
Picture of Life
Motion Design
Birth Silk Screen Prints
Graphic Art
Vanitas Still Life Series 1-6
Graphic Art
Süddeutsche Magazin
3D Illustrations
Dolce & Gabbana Brandsites
Digital Design
Sauhaus & Flipperman Posters
Graphic Art
Fist of Light
Interactive Installation
Record Covers
Graphic Design
Gucci & Hogan & Show Beauty
UI Animation