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Birth Installation — Interaction with a new world.
Visitors are able to touch the conductive fabric or bend the Tentacles of Mega Joy to interact with the new world.
When entering the installation, people take the role of a newborn baby that interacts with things that it hasn't seen before.


Video documentation
Installation —
Projections only —
Download Videos — here


About the Authors / Biography
Direction, Animation, Code — Julien Simshäuser —
*1988: Pertuis, France
2008 - now: Studies of Visual Communication at Bauhaus-University, Weimar

Sculpture — Claudia Symank —
*1986: Dresden, Germany
2008 - now: Studies of Visual Communication at Bauhaus-University, Weimar

Sebastian Wolf — Electronics, Code —
*1989: Calau, Germany
2009 - now: Studies of Media Arts at Bauhaus-University, Weimar


Tech specs / details
— Software
Interaction: Arduino recieves analog input values from the sensors and sends them via OSC to Quartz Composer. Quartz Composer then uses the data to modify the projection.
Animation: Cinema4d, After Effects

— Hardware
Conductive fabric: Sponsored by TITV Greiz
2x 1024x768 projectors: Sponsored by NEC Display Solutions
Flex Sensors:

— Other things that are needed to make it work
Computer (min. 4x 3 ghz, good consumer graphics card, 8GB RAM)
Projection surface (5,6 x 2 meters minimum)
A dark space of about 6x4 squaremeters
Good speakers

— Total projected resolution
2048x768 Pixels

An infinite number of people can look at the installation simultaneously. Up to three people can touch the sculpture at the same time.


Further Information / Contact Info
Julien Simshäuser
Feel free to ask anything :)